I am glad to launch the first Fab Lab in the eastern part of the country set up at Bhubaneswar for its users from various domains and more specifically for the fast expanding entrepreneur fraternity of Odisha.

The Bhubaneswar Fab Lab established by STPI would offer a vibrant ecosystem for creating a maker culture among the Startups, young tech-entrepreneurs and technology greenhorns who are keen to develop their innovative ideas into prototypes and eventually products with carefully crafted design functionalities.

The Fab Lab will add immense value to STPI’s initiatives of setting up of Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in different technology domains and accelerate the journey towards a product nation by way of growth in IPR generation and product development.

We look forward to spirited footfalls from students, entrepreneurs, researchers, artists and enthusiasts for effective utilization of the FAB Lab which would stimulate creative thinking and innovation.

The Fab Lab would impart a wide spectrum of skills and abilities to design and build almost anything that one could imagine in the field of IT, ESDM, Internet of Things (IOT) and transform the same into prototypes. 

I am sure the lab would also add value to the "Startup Odisha", "Skill in Odisha" Missions of the State Government.

The Fab Lab is connected with the Fab Lab Network which is an open, creative community of fabricators, scientists, engineers, trainers, students, amateurs, professionals, of all ages spread over more than 100 countries and spanning over 1,600 Fab Labs across the globe.

Based on the learning and outcomes form Bhubaneswar Fab Lab, STPI would consider replicating the model in other States.

I wish all the best to the enterprising and innovative users of the Fab Lab.

Arvind Kumar
Director General