The FabLab Bhubaneswar is manned by a Full time FabLab Manager and two technical assistants.

FabLab Manager is over all in charge of the Lab and looks after the day to day activities of the lab. He allocates the machines and equipment to users based on their bookings and priorities, if any. He also schedules the visits for interested groups and individuals to the FabLab to create awareness about the Lab and its usage.

He oversees various training programs conducted by the FabLab for students, researchers, technicians and others keen to acquire skill for operating and using the machines to do various tasks. He also offers consultation to people with product ideas and how to transform the ideas into prototypes using the sophisticated machining and fabrication facilities at the FabLab.

He is the custodian of all assets of the lab including machines, equipments, tools, software, spares and consumables of the FabLab. He is responsible for upkeep of the assets of the lab.

The two technical staff are assigned work and responsibilities by the FabLab Manager and support him in smooth discharge of his duties.