<p style="text-align: justify;" dir="ltr"><span data-mce-mark="1">The Roland GS 24 is a versatile digital cutter. &nbsp;</span><span data-mce-mark="1">With a newly-designed LCD panel, precise blade groove on its apron for easy manual cutting, an included roller base that keeps feeds straight, and a handy stand to&nbsp;comfortably hold roll media,&nbsp;the GS-24 Desktop Cutter is as easy to use as it is technologically-advanced.</span></p> <p style="text-align: justify;" dir="ltr"><span data-mce-mark="1">With the GS-24, blade offset values can be adjusted manually &ndash; which means that even the smallest, most intricate designs will be cut flawlessly on a multitude of materials.</span><span data-mce-mark="1"> Using a digital servomotor cutting speeds of up to 500mm/s can be achieved. It also features a curve-smoothing function that allows precise cutting, even at high speeds. The result is faster production and more professional looking graphics. Couple this with the wide range of media the GS -24 accepts such as vinyl, paint mask, reflective vinyl, twill, heat transfer and sand blast material and you get a fantastic piece of sign making equipment.</span></p> <p style="text-align: justify;" dir="ltr"><span data-mce-mark="1">The G GS-24 digital cutter comes with&nbsp;CutStudio software&nbsp;which lets users enlarge, reduce, re-position, rotate and mirror images. It also cuts enlarged images as crisp as original size and cuts TrueType fonts without outlining. An optical registration system automatically recognises desktop printer crop marks and aligns media accordingly to create a cost effective print and cut solution.</span></p> <p dir="ltr">&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align: right;"><span>&nbsp;</span></p>

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