Prototype Facilitation

In educational as well as real life situations, rather than relying on a fixed curriculum, learning is enhanced in an authentic, engaging, personal context, one in which people go through a cycle of imagination, design, prototyping, reflection, and iteration as they find solutions to challenges or bring their ideas to life.

Prototyping and testing is a very crucial step in any product development process, be it IT and ESDM product, purely a mechanical or electrical item. The FabLab provides an ideal environment with necessary infrastructure and facilities like equipment, machines, tools and implements as well as guidance and handholding support for prototype development.

The FabLab is here for everybody irrespective of your filed of specialization i.e. arts, crafts, sports or science. You could create a prototype here be it a physical product with complicated and multiple moving parts, electronic gadgets, furniture of intricate design and style, toys, decorative products, and jewellery.