Training and Skilling

The Fab Lab, Bhubaneswar has a versatile range of equipment, machines, tools and software. It provides training on use of these equipment in the Fab Lab either equipment wise or on a group of machines which are used together for design and fabrication of a job or need based training matching the specific needs of the trainee.

The Fab Lab has tailored training programs for B.Tech / Diploma Engg. students with project assignments and ample hands on practice on the hardware and software tools of the lab.

The training program could run from half a day to multiple weeks depending the nature of the trainees and outcomes desired form the program,.

FabLab would soon come up with engaging training events for organisations and business which include;

  • Creative Teambuilding
  • Practical problem solving
  • Fab Lab team Challenge


To find out more about how you or your organisation can engage with this exciting training and cutting edge technology, do get in touch with us.



Training on Digital Fabrication by STPI FabLab, Bhubaneswar